Comparison between Maruti Alto 800 and Maruti Alto K10: Pricing, Attributes, Safety, and Performance

In the realm of Indian hatchbacks, Maruti Suzuki presents a charming pair: the Maruti Alto 800 and the Maruti Alto K10. These vehicles offer distinct experiences, akin to choosing between sunsets and starlit nights.

The Maruti Alto 800 embodies affordability, providing a budget-friendly option ideal for urban travelers. It’s akin to relishing a delectable street snack that satisfies without straining your wallet. Conversely, the Maruti Alto K10 exudes a spirited demeanor, effortlessly navigating through streets with its lively engine. It’s reminiscent of an exhilarating roller coaster ride, full of adrenaline and ripe for exploration.

So, are you inclined towards leisurely daytime drives with economical choices, or are you drawn to adventurous nighttime escapades seeking spirited journeys? Whichever path you opt for, the Maruti Alto siblings pledge to infuse your driving endeavors with a sprinkle of excitement!

Comparison of Pricing and Model Options between Maruti Alto 800 and Maruti Alto K10

The Maruti Alto 800 holds the title of being the most affordable car in India, with a starting price of ₹3.54 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), whereas the Alto K10 is slightly pricier, commencing at ₹3.99 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Comparison of Engine, Transmission, and Performance between Maruti Alto 800 and Maruti Alto K10

When comparing the Maruti Alto 800 and Maruti Alto K10, despite their shared popularity in the Indian hatchback market, there are notable distinctions between them.

Regarding engines, the Alto 800 is outfitted with either a 0.8L F8D Petrol engine or a 0.8L F8D Bi-Fuel CNG engine. In contrast, the Alto K10 features a larger 1.0L K10C Petrol engine or a 1.0LK10C CNG engine. This variation in engine size leads to differing performance capabilities. The Alto K10 offers a more dynamic driving experience with its lively 1.0L engine, delivering maximum power of 65.7 bhp (Petrol) and peak torque of 89 Nm (Petrol), appealing to those seeking an exhilarating ride.

Conversely, the Alto 800 is tailored for simplicity and affordability, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers or first-time car owners. Its compact stature, along with the 0.8L engine producing a maximum power of 47.3 bhp (Petrol) and peak torque of 69 Nm (Petrol), coupled with efficient fuel efficiency, positions it as an ideal urban commuter, adept at navigating congested city streets.

Comparison of Design and Dimensions between Maruti Alto 800 and Maruti Alto K10

In the showdown between the Maruti Alto 800 and Maruti Alto K10, the design and dimensions serve as pivotal factors in setting apart these two beloved hatchbacks.

The Maruti Alto 800 presents dimensions with a length of 3,445 mm, a width of 1,490 mm, and a height of 1,515 mm, rendering it compact and agile, ideal for urban navigation. With a capacious boot space of 313 litres and seating for 5 occupants, it excels in practicality.

Conversely, the Maruti Alto K10 extends slightly longer at 3,530 mm in length, maintaining a similar width and standing at a height of 1,520 mm. This marginally larger profile grants it a lengthier wheelbase of 2,380 mm. However, it compromises on boot space, offering 214 litres. Like its counterpart, it comfortably accommodates up to 5 passengers. These distinctions in design and dimensions cater to diverse preferences and needs among buyers.

Comparison of Interiors and Features between Maruti Alto 800 and Maruti Alto K10

The comparison between the Maruti Suzuki 800 and K10 reflects a contrast between two affordable hatchbacks tailored for entry-level car buyers. While the Maruti Suzuki 800, being the older model, provides basic safety features such as a single driver-side airbag and seat belts, it lacks contemporary safety engineering and compliance with current crash safety standards.

Conversely, the Alto K10 offers upgraded safety provisions, including dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, rear parking sensors, and seat belt reminders. Its reinforced structure adheres to modern safety regulations, making it a safer option compared to the outdated 800.

Furthermore, examining features like headlamps, keyless entry, driving modes, infotainment, audio system, digital instrument console, and other amenities, the Alto K10 shines with its modern and feature-rich driving experience, setting it apart from the Maruti Suzuki 800. This makes it an appealing choice for individuals seeking convenience and contemporary technology within a budget-friendly hatchback.

Comparison of Safety Features between Maruti Alto 800 and Maruti Alto K10

When it comes to safety, comparing the Maruti Alto 800 and Maruti Alto K10 reveals that both models come with dual front airbags, ensuring protection for the driver and front-seat passenger in case of a collision. However, neither model includes traction control or an electronic stability program, features that can impact handling in challenging driving conditions.

Both cars are equipped with ISOFIX mounts, allowing for the secure installation of child seats for added safety. Additionally, they feature ABS and EBD, which improve braking performance. Tubeless tyres and speed-sensing auto lock further enhance their safety features.

Regrettably, neither model offers cornering lamps, and both have received a 0-star rating in GNCAP assessments, indicating a lack of advanced safety technology and earning them low safety ratings. While they provide some fundamental safety elements, these cars may not be the preferred choice for those seeking more advanced safety features or higher safety ratings.

Comparison of Warranty, Reliability, and Resale Value between Maruti Alto 800 and Maruti Alto K10

Regarding warranty, reliability, and resale value, both models provide a standard warranty coverage of 2 years or 40,000 km, demonstrating Maruti’s dedication to ensuring the dependability of their vehicles during the initial ownership period. This commitment contributes to favorable resale values for both the Alto 800 and Alto K10 in the secondary car market.

Whether you choose the Alto 800 or the Alto K10, you can anticipate a consistent level of reliability and respectable resale value.

Choosing Between the Maruti Alto 800 and Maruti Alto K10 : Which is the right fit for you ?

Both the Maruti Alto 800 and Maruti Alto K10 present their distinct allure, posing a delightful dilemma for potential car buyers. The Alto 800 emerges as the perfect companion for those in search of an affordable and practical urban ride. Its compact dimensions and budget-friendly price make it an appealing choice for drivers mindful of their finances. On the flip side, the Alto K10 injects a dose of exhilaration with its lively engine and spirited performance, appealing to thrill-seekers eager for excitement on the road.

If simplicity and cost-effectiveness rank high on your priorities, the Alto 800 may be the optimal selection. However, if you yearn for a more dynamic and adventurous driving experience, the Alto K10 is the preferred option. Regardless of your choice, you can rely on Maruti Suzuki’s reputation for reliability and low maintenance costs, ensuring a hassle-free ownership journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Which vehicle has superior fuel efficiency, the Maruti Alto 800 or the Maruti Alto K10?

A. The Maruti Alto K10 is renowned for its exceptional fuel efficiency and surpasses the Maruti Alto 800 in terms of mileage.

Q. Between the Maruti Alto 800 and the Alto K10, which one is more economical?

A. The Maruti Alto 800 holds the title of being more economical, boasting a starting price of ₹3.54 lakh, compared to the Maruti Alto K10.

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